So, I was just sitting in my room doing nothing special when my dad called and asked me to visit to him at Peshawar, at first I told him that I am better off at home but he tried to convince me that I should give it a try so he won the conversation and I agreed.The next day I packed my bag and went on the journey.I took a wagon to Peshawar and the journey began.The wagon took M1 a road which connects Rawalpindi to Peshawar.It was a 2 hour beautiful journey there were a lot of  meadows the scene amazing so after 2 hours I finally reached Peshawar and I had to say that it was no different than most of  the cities of Pakistan and it felt good when I reached there and as soon as I reached there my father called me and asked me my location and after few minutes he founded me and hugged me along with his helper “Miskeen” on which to be honest a whole book can written about the stories told against him anyhow Miskeen took my bag on and hung it on his shoulders and I walked along with my father to the car we sat in the car and the driver drove us to the office where he was both staying and working and I forgot to tell we also took many photos on our way to office with the popular Bala Hisaar fort in the background so finally we reached the office the driver drove us inside at the door step of our rest room.I went inside the room and it was well organized so I ate lunch and took a few hours for rest and after resting went to a park nearby and explored the area.The next day I went to Karkhano Market with my father well I had to say it was very colorful market and there were a lot of  shops like of clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, electronics, jewellery, decoration pieces and a lot more.I enjoyed a lot exploring the market and the most astonishing thing that I found in the market were that there were also shops of Sikhs I mean this was really surprising I never thought there would be Sikhs in the land of Pashtuns anyways I didn’t bought anything but a drink and we came back to the office and I went to the same park after coming back from the park I ate dinner and took the rest of the evening for rest.I woke up the next morning which was the last day at Peshawar nothing special to tell about that day to be honest just packed the bag and went to home with my father.So in the end was it worth it? Yes it was, because I got to spend some quality time with my father and explored a new city and its traditions and culture so yeah it was good.


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